Things Happen All the Time

Group Exhibition 
Slugtown, Newcastle upon Tyne 
14.06.24 – 06.07.24

Exhibited artists:

Ana Milenkovic, Georgia Gendall, Harry Grundy, Oliver Hoffmeister 

Things Happen All the Time, was a group exhibition of 4 artists from across the UK, who explore ideas of ceding control.  For some that comes through employing chance and luck in their practice. For others, they explore ritual and ruling systems.

The title of the exhibition is taken from an excerpt from the film Magnolia (1999) by Paul Thomas Anderson. Taking place over 24 hours in the San Fernando Valley, California the film focuses on a kaleidoscopic web of interrelations between a seemingly disparate cast of characters all seeking forgiveness, reconciliation and connection. Weaving its way through the narrative is the notion that no matter how hard we might try and control the path of our lives, we are all vulnerable to the chaotic and often absurd interruptions of chance and coincidence.

I  wrote the accompanying text for the exhibition, available here ︎︎︎

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